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Dhamaka Bonus Offer is an exciting promotion offered to both B2C (Business-to-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to-Business) users. The details of how to obtain and utilize the bonus for each user category are as follows:

For B2C Users:

  1. To obtain the bonus, B2C users need to perform a flight search. After completing the search, the bonus offer will be displayed under the net payment section.
  2. Once the flight is flown, the bonus amount will be credited to the user's bonus wallet.

To use the bonus:

  1. At the time of payment for a booking, B2C users can utilize the bonus amount from their bonus wallet.
  2. B2C users have the option to choose either a promotion offer or their bonus balance for each booking, but only one offer can be used per transaction.

For B2B Users or Agencies:

  1. B2B users will receive the bonus offer after every successful deposit made or when a certain amount of tickets are purchased through their B2C portal.
  2. The bonus amount will be credited to the B2B user's bonus balance.

To use the bonus:

  1. B2B users can utilize the bonus amount at the time of booking payment according to the maximum use limit set by Bahaza.
  2. B2B users have the ability to transfer or allocate the bonus to their sub-agents, but within the limits defined.
  3. It is important to note that neither party can convert the bonus balance into cash or request a refund.

Other T&C applicable. 

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