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We would like to extend a special discount offer to the members of the Yamaha Rider Club. The basic details of the offer are as follows:

Bahaza Discount Offer:

  • Domestic Sector: More than 11% discount on the base fare
  • International Sector: More than 7% discount on the base fare
  • Exclusions: LCC (Low-Cost Carrier) flights, SOTO (Sold Outside, Ticketed Outside) bookings, and special flight tickets are not eligible for the discount.

How to Utilize this Offer:

1. Begin by searching for your desired route using a ticket/booking search engine.

2. Once you have selected a ticket, proceed to the passenger details page.

3. In the Promotion and Membership section, choose the option for YRC Member.

4. Enter your membership number and expiration date (even if your card has expired, it will still verify your data through a two-factor authentication process).

5. The system will retrieve the data and, if everything is in order, apply the discount to your ticket.

6. Proceed to the payment section and complete the payment process.

7. Upon successful payment, you will receive a confirmed ticket with the discounted fare.

Enjoy your trip!

Other T&C applicable. 

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